Elkanah Cheboi is a Christ-follower, theologian and a pastor. He works with Africa Inland Church-Kenya. He holds a Bachelor of Theology from Scott Theological College and a Masters of Divinity (in Biblical Studies) from Africa International University.

In the past he has served as a local church pastor, and chaplain in a Mission Hospital &Nursing College. Also, he has held several other leadership responsibilities in para-church organizations.

He is based in Nairobi but teaches in several colleges here in Kenya and Rwanda on a part-time basis.

He’s determined to study and obey the law of the Lord  and to teach those decrees and regulations to the people– Ezra 7:10.

This blog contains devotionals, sermons, viewpoints, reflections, biblical insights and intersection of christian faith and culture.

Follow this blog and by doing so you”ll stay in the loop with the latest devotionals, reflections, and insights.

Also, feel free to share among your networks anything that you may find helpful here. You are also welcome to drop a comment.


Contact Information

Email: kiprop04@yahoo.com


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